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User assistance in the 21st century

  • Meetup
  • Intelligent information for users
  • 21. September
  • 17:05 - 17:35 PM (CET)
  • Titanium
  •  Jang Graat

    Jang Graat

    • Smart Information Design


This meetup is about you as a user and you as an author. What makes user assistance work in this information era? We all know how we find our information, so how do we translate that experience into making it easier for our target audience?

At a round table, we will start the discussion about you find information when you need it. What are your first actions? What makes you happy and what makes you upset? After this we will look at the author side: what media are you creating and how do these relate to your own searches for information and the techniques you are using to find what you need?

You are a user in the 21st century. Are you also a user assistance provider that answers to the needs of such users?



 Jang Graat

Jang Graat

  • Smart Information Design

Jang studied Physics, Psychology and Philosophy and taught himself programming in a large variety of languages. As the "Geek Philosopher", he is unable to think inside any box, and he keeps working until his vision has become a reality. He has given countless presentations to audiences across the globe. He will make you think, imagine, and laugh.