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Offering a Best User Assistance: Improve the User Interface or Expand the Product Documentation?

  • Tutorial
  • User Experience
  • 09. March
  • 10:30 - 12:00 AM (CET)
  • Tryckeriet
  •  Iliana Kostova

    Iliana Kostova

    • VMware


Identifying the right customer-first strategy for a specific section in the user interface has always been a pain point in technical communication. Work on the user interface itself, add instructions to the documentation, or combine both approaches? In a constant chase of code deadlines, engineers usually push to add instructions to the documentation instead of modifying the code, not considering if and when users will look in the documentation.


Let’s discuss whether you can apply a general logic for determining the right place for user assistance and how to come up with the best content for either the user interface or the documentation.


 Iliana Kostova

Iliana Kostova

  • VMware

Iliana Kostova is an Information Architect for Cross-Product Solutions and Content Captain at VMware, with over 20 years of experience. Iliana's expertise covers content strategy and information architecture for IT software including workflow and cross-publication design, visuals in technical content, DITA, use case writing, and user interface optimization.