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How you work with documentation as part of the overall company strategy

  • Presentation
  • Content generation and structuring methods
  • 21. September
  • 16:15 - 16:55 PM (CET)
  • Scandium
  •  Maiken Blok

    Maiken Blok

    • TimeLog A/S


Many technical communication professionals struggle to prove to their organisations how much value they bring with the work they do, often because it’s non-billable. So, what can we do to turn this around?

Get a real-life example of how you get documentation and language quality added to the company strategy. Learn how you get started, increase the focus on user wants and needs and how you succeed with your initiatives.


You'll know how you can work with the strategy of your documentation and language quality and convince the organisation that both are needed for the company to succeed with the products.


 Maiken Blok

Maiken Blok

  • TimeLog A/S

Maiken thrives as a Technical Communicator. She loves to share her knowledge about the profession and guide others in the same direction. She entered the TC world by coincidence, when she got the opportunity to combine her interest for cultural communication, languages and writing at TimeLog A/S.