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MARVELous TMS: Answering the “What if” for ongoing flexibility within your language technology stack

  • Exhibitor presentations
  • 22. September
  • 11:10 - 11:40 AM (CET)
  • Scandium
  •  Alex Zekakis

    Alex Zekakis

    • XTM International


The technology life cycle of a Translation Management System (TMS) follows a typical path; selection, deployment, ramping up to productivity, then optimization of the system.
Then what?
What if you could go beyond the constraints of the product itself and exploit advanced integrated functionalities and go beyond what the TMS was meant to do?
This session will ask those questions and offer takeaways and insights on what you could do, so you can realise your own happily ever after endgame.


 Alex Zekakis

Alex Zekakis

  • XTM International

Alex has been in the localization industry for almost ten years now and started off as a localization project manager on the vendor side, on which side he remained until recently. After a few years in the industry he moved onto different roles, initially leading production teams and then started focusing on delivering solutions. He currently holds the role of Director of Support Services at XTM International.